Friday, August 17, 2007

Comments on Physical Affection

Comments on Physical Affection

“The biggest mistake I feel my parents made was not showing their love with hugs and kisses. I feel like this held ups hack a lot.”

“My mother always kissed my father and each of us when we returned home at the end of the day. I think this helped give me confidence to fact the challenges in my life.”

“Very seldom did my parents show any kind of affection towards one another. There was always a cold, distant feeling between the two of them and still is.”

“My dad was never very affectionate or vocal about his love, but I knew by how hard he worked for me and his willingness to serve me. While I wish he had told us he loved us and hugged us more, I never doubted his love for me.”

“My father was very reserved in his relationship with his four daughters. My dad says now he wishes he had hugged and held us more. Too many fathers keep at a distance from their children for fear of accusations of abuse or because it is not ‘manly’ to show affection. Children need lots of APPROPRIATE physical love from both parents.”

“My parents both spent time with us loving, hugging and praising us for what we did good.”

“I always knew that my single mom would have kind words to say, a comforting hug and a shoulder to cry on; now that I think about it, the only way that she was able to deal with the things that made her cry was in helping us deal with our much smaller struggles.”

“My father expressed his feelings of love for each of us often and gave us appropriate physical hugs.”

“I have fond memories of sitting in my father’s lap and feeling safe and secure. I always got affection from both parents.”

One thing my parents did right was to show us love. Hugs were normal in my family.”


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